This Place Matters


         The Historical Commission of Lynn is embracing the photo event "This Place Matters"  originally conceived by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The campaign encourages anyone to join the movement by taking photographs of his/her favorite place to preserve while holding signs that say "This Place Matters".  The signs may be downloaded from here, or may be made in a personalized manner, multilingual, etc.   

Photographs submitted to the Historical Commission may be used in public display and preservation awareness.   


Photographs may be submitted to 
Katerina or mailed to 

the Lynn Historical Commission, C/O Mayor's Office, Lynn City Hall, 3 City Hall Square, Lynn, Ma 01901.   

In the submission of the photograph, include contact information and location of the site you wish to make the statement “This Place Matters.”

      The members of the Historical Commission are Chair Carl Greenler,  Secretary Patricia Lee, Calvin Anderson, Kathy Wrynn, Adrian Vasile, and Aikaterini Panagiotakis.  The body 

received permission from the National Trust of Historic Preservation to use the slogan in preservation endeavors.

To download, click on sign below, then right-click...

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