Rhodes Chapel

One of the missions of the Historical Commission of Lynn, is to restore Rhodes Chapel in Pine Grove Cemetery.  The beautiful stain glass windows were vandalized in the 70's by adolescents.  Since then the colorful windows that let in natural light, have been boarded making the space unusable.  Part of the efforts of the Lynn Historical Commission is to initiate phase one of repairs to the chapel by raising at minimum $20,000 to repair the windows.  Repairing the windows to let in natural light, will assist in reopening the chapel to functions such as funerals, wedding ceremonies, public choral concertos, etc.  Other repairs include adding electricity, repairing the steps to the basement, cleaning, and other misc. repairs.

The Rhodes Memorial Chapel was built in loving memory of Amos Rhodes, by his wife, after his passing in 1870.  In 1891 by will, Lydia Newhall Rhodes bequethed the sum of $20,000 for erection of a chapel in Pine Grove Cemetary to be called 'Rhodes Memorial Chapel', and their nephew and executor, Mr. Charles H. Newhall, added a large sum to the bequest, in order to make the memorial more beautiful and complete.  The Chapel was erected in 1891 and was formally accepted by the trustees of Pine Grove Cemetery, in behalf of the City of Lynn on August 2, 1982.  (Item 6/14/1950)    The Chapel was consecrated a sacred Holy Church on January 17, 1893.

Rhodes Memorial Chapel is a unique and unusual example of a 19th century Richardson romanesque style found in Lynn.   The building's architectural formality, expressed in rusticated brown and yellow cast stone walls with a flat terra cotta roof, humbly appears as a landmark while perfectly lending to the natural beauty of the surroundings among the wealth of pine trees which frame the Chapel at the entrance drive from Boston Street in Pine Grove's Cemetery. Upon approach, its warm southern flank welcomes visitors with a decorative arched stone portico.  Within the main entrance side wall of the portico is an engraved plaque with an inscription (Rhodes Memorial Chapel Erected 1891). Ornamental features include: a stone Hellenic cross style in circular relief on the front and rear gable apex; Sculptural angels lie in the corners of the building at the eave, and two sculptural tiles on the south facade.  And hopefully, the beauty of the stain glass windows will reappear again, one day soon.

To help contribute in repairing the chapel, requests and donations can be made to the  'Friends of the Lynn Historical Commission' Fund, contact the:
Lynn Historical Commission
C/O Mayor's Office
Lynn City Hall
3 City Hall Square
Lynn, Ma 01901

Chair Commissioner, Carl Greenler, email: cgreenler@c21northshore.com

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