Lynn Common

The Lynn Historical Commission and Park Commission had a joint meeting to discuss the ideas shared in public meetings, on improvements to Historic Lynn Common.  Feel free to share your ideas here.

A Facebook page is created for The Lynn Commons Flower Beds Project, initiated by a community of volunteers.

Some thoughts throughout time...
  • In early times, the road around the Lynn Common was one with the park.  Horse and carriage traveled slowly and children played in the roadway.   Helping the approach, use, and accessibility of the park today, one thought is to enforce the speed limit by reducing vehicular lanes: turning two asphalt lanes into a green or gravel area, leaving one for travel, and having pedestrian paved crossings throughout the road and green way.
  • No evergreens on the edge of the park:  opening views to City Hall Square, Market Square and neighborhoods beyond.
  • Revive the running fountains, with colored lights. 
  • Use of solar and green products, in historical fashion.
  • No randomness, especially of the benches which have been placed in the green.  
  • Use of symmetry, and geometric position in style of era.
  • Bring back diagonal pathways throughout park.
  • Possible location of Townsend and Hart Ten-footer, on smaller island or across park.
  • Circular areas of continuous growing flower patches and gardens.
  • Big dream:  maybe bring back ice-skating to Lynn Common.
  • Maintain empty green field for neighborhood children to play on.

Historic map of The Common

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