Historic Gateway Renewal

Historic Gateway Renewal

A concept massing model of the character, rhythm and style of old Lynn, a suggestion for the VNAA building which embraces the wishes of the community, the VNAA and Historic Downtown Lynn, as heard from the public hearings.

Beginning with an historic view of the corner of Market and Broad Street, colonial style architecture, with mansard and gable end roof structures are seen.  Architectural massing is fronted toward Market Street.

An historic view of the old Town Hall, next to the New England Telephone Building, currently the Verizon Building, signify the recall of important architectural form of the towers to the gateways into the downtown area.

Old Town Hall, Lynn, Ma

Historic Market Street showing traditional awnings, and the architectural style of ground level storefronts.
The historic gateway and downtown was that of a cluster of individual buildings which followed the same rhythm of vertical windows, cornice tops and storefronts below.

A central Lynn building showing common elements of the downtown, expressing definition.

Site concept:   This prime downtown site offers opportunities for the VNAA to shine and create a landmark worthy of their tenure in the city.
The new building on the corner lot of Market and Broad Street has frontage to restoring the historic front of Market Street.  The massing towards the front also helps hide the parking garage, and helps create a dominating architectural form when entering the historic gateway of Lynn into downtown from Rt-1A and the waterfront.   A tower is proposed in the front, and elevated off the ground, a solution to avoiding any contaminated ground and to create a small pocket park.   This connects the view at ground level from the Transportation Center to the ocean.   Massing the building towards Market Street helps alleviate the 'back alley' feeling, opening the view to open space.   A ground level private court is shown inside the building, to add security as a component to the exterior's security.

An axonometric birds eye view of the building.

Historic Gateway view from Rt-1A and waterfront, looking towards downtown:
Restoring the historic gateway view, the tower mimics the old Town Hall, and creates a bookend towards the Verizon Building in City Hall Square and entry into this city.   Indeed, this building's location offers a unique opportunity to be the hub, complimenting a string of landmarks including the entrance ways to the downtown highlighted by the Edison Building in Washington Square and the Clock Tower on the Lynnway.  The new 'cluster' of architecture serves to restore the classic look of the city.  The tower recalls colonial architecture yet ties into the main building structure which brings forth the architecture from downtown Lynn back onto Rt-1A and the historic gateway.    An arbor way gives interest to pedestrians.  A 'storefront' look is recalled on the ground level.  The floor to floor heights are tall, resembling the older buildings.  Large window openings maximize the sunlight, yet follow the vertical rhythm of historic Lynn.  A mansard green roof recalls historic roofs.  The natural green and brick colors of the building contrast against the white MBTA building, and punctuates the view.  The semi-public outdoor space serves to compliment the existing open park.

Features include: balconies on the 3rd level, a three sided clock tower window and cantilevered front .   The unique space created by the third floor tower offers an opportunity to give the employees of the VNAA a vista from an employee break or all-purpose room.    The mansard roof could conceal elements such as a rain water collection system, wind turbines, a green garden and employee recreational area.   The top of tower may be accessed from the roof garden.  The clock faces in the tower are transparent to provide a whimsical vantage from the mezzanine level of the break room.  A weathervane at the peak of the tower could include an icon of our city.  A slowly-rotating web cam could be installed by a sponsor for access to the panorama of Lynn and the harbor.

Rendered South Elevation,  Rt-1A Front, Broad Street Front

Rendered East Elevation, Market Street Front 

Perspective View looking north-east, toward Vamp building.  

Openings are square at the bottom and mid levels and arched at the top.  
The definitions of the building columns and openings are deep to express a bold look.   
Window rhythm is vertical as seen throughout historic downtown.
The trim of the windows abstractly are in shape of a 'V'.... in interest of the 'V'NA.
Awnings are an important factor in restoring the historic look on Market Street and in all of the downtown area.  
Window boxes are suggested as a 'storefront' look.  
Door openings appear every two bays to keep within the architecture of showing 'storefronts'  and possible future use.

Part of the front building is cantelevered, and the tower is elevated with an arched trellis opening.  
This helps create massing towards Market Street, and opens the ground level for a small green area.

Rear view from MBTA parking garage.  Architecture of storefront look is maintained.

View of building and arbor walk way looking north-west from Rt-1A

Rear gardens, looking south through pedestrian arbor way.  The right side is a trellis enclosed small court yard at ground level. Rhythm is continued of the windows and brick around the building.

Research and Suggestions prepared by Calvin Anderson and Katerina Panagiotakis, members of the Historical Commission of Lynn, May 2010
Please contact Calvin Anderson, tel. 781.599.4666, email. andersonsyourvoice@mac.com  or Katerina Panagiotakis, tel. 617.418.3009, email.  studio@aikaterini.com

Credit is also given to the software Vectorworks, used in the design and creation of the drawings, by yours truly.

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