Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Lynn Secret Poet

Throughout the City of Lynn:  downtown, the ocean's edge, trails through Lynn Woods, different neighborhoods, in and around City Hall... positive quotes, poems and thank you notes have appeared taped to posts, walls, utilities, pinned to trees, left on windshields and sometimes signed by The Lynn Secret Poet. 

It does not matter who The Lynn Secret Poet is, but what could grow from the fields of seeds they have sown.   "The Secret Poet could be you"... is a goal the anonymous poet described once, "if we all join the Positive Quote Movement"
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Positive quote taped to a pole on Nahant Street, left by The Lynn Secret Poet

Children were writing on the sidewalk with chalk, 
sayings of "No more tears", "Peace", "Family" and "Love".

Peace on

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